Gabriella Masiello

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Gabriella Masiello was born on 15th May 1959 in Florence, Italy.
Her artistic path begins in 1986 when she started to experiment free colour compositions, using watercolours and spraying inks onto flat paper.
Since then she has gone on to combining one size only paper modules and exploring creative possibilities of surface corrugations.
Assembling these original modules produces large-scale pieces featured in her first exhibition: Modulazioni: Un'iconoclastia imperfetta (Modulations: An Imperfect Iconoclasm) Caffè Voltaire, Florence, Italy, 1988 organized by Lino Centi.

In the following production, surfaces and cut off pieces are reassembled according to different rules of order generating new shapes. It's the start of Paper Works (1990), a project which is still in progress. In 1989, 1994 and 1995, Mario Mariotti invited her to his international exhibitions in the newly reopened florentine Stazione Leopolda. In the same period she investigates colour perception and photography and held a number of workshops on colour and paper manipulation in Genoa, sponsored by local municipality and open to infant school educators (1993-1996).
In recent years her artistic production focuses on acrylics and art photography. She is the art news editor of the on-line design magazine

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